Release notes

Known Issues and Workarounds

Users should avoid adding device and apps at the same time. We have seen issue with duplicate installations created as a result.



SWH-1150 - Release SmartSwarm 2.2.7 and artifacts

SWH-137 - System Log now visible when device is part of a profile

SWH-154 - Rseenet Reports now visible when device is part of a profile

SWH-651 - Sync now updates supported User Modules

SWH-1153 - Release Firmware 6.1.10

SWH-117 - Added search filter to export History

SWH-1123 - Have the reportedclient display on the view device landing page for devices in profile

SWH-1132 - Add model ICR-3831

SWH-1151 - UserModule: Support the "Send Report" User Module on

SWH-1154 - Release SmartSwarm 342 artifacts

SWH-1155 - Change WADMP Email address

SWH-1158 - Release On Prem 1.10.0


SWH-14 - Device totals are not kept up to date dynamically

SWH-22 - The 'Total devices' figures in a CP and in the CP list are not consistent

SWH-36 - An Admin user cannot modify the CPs of another Admin user

SWH-55 - Error message on creating a user with an already used e-mail is given twice

SWH-221 - Device Import File validation is not sufficient

SWH-224 - Invalid TP id on anything other than the first line of the Register and Claim import causes incomplete regististration.

SWH-241 - The error warnings persist on the page even when the changes have been discarded successfully

SWH-257 - Modifying Configuration profile causes the website to hang

SWH-353 - Graphics Overlapping on Dashboard

SWH-363 - Import device file doesn't handle spaces before or after entries.

SWH-551 - Error message This site name already exists on the system. In System/Sites/Create appears Twice.

SWH-663 -CPExport/Import Empty strings are being reset to Defaults on Import.

SWH-787 - Device counts and device list is incorrect

SWH-819 - OpenAPI docs for POST /devices are wrong

SWH-849 - Hidden Setting PPP_PING_INTVL is not being set

SWH-850 - Hidden Setting WLAN_NETWORK is not being set

SWH-926 - Release 1.8 does not automatically re-direct to

SWH-959 - GPS User Module does not download to the device on On-Prem

SWH-1016 - Add support for SmartStart, the SL306 to SWH

SWH-1044 - Error message 'Please enter another email address. The supplied address already exists on the system'. In Create user appears Twice.

SWH-1125 - Apparently python is not installing in the correct location

SWH-1134 - On device Import the product codes are read repeatedly

SWH-1143 - Cannot create configuration profiles . Warning is displayed around import of config

SWH-1144 - Installation of new apps looks like they are installing but the progress is not sent back to SwH

SWH-1152 - CLONE - Isotron: SmartSwarm342 With 12x WSD2C21150 Wzzards: can't change Data Enrichment

SWH-1156 - Dashboard Timezone issue not displaying local time